Might and Magic: Heroes VI

Screenshot of the day Beta gameplay video (deutsch) Surprise pic (Stronghold)

Some info from the German article about the video:

    They played the prologue (was a training map) that had its own storyline: the conflict between prince Salva and prince Gerhart (Salva's neighbour and rival). Some orcs live in Salva's territory and Gerhart hunting them. The transition videos used the game engine, and were about how they punish the orcs. The game and the graphics is beautiful, however character sounds and lipsync is not perfect yet.
    The adventure map is amazing, the Heroes-addiction is in the air. The territory control will make (the multiplayer) game even more dynamic.
    It's been also confirmed that each week the new units/creatures will go to the same place, so they all can be purchased together for example in the city or fort (therefore no need for caravans anymore). However they afraid that converting cities like this will result in too much expense, there will be too many creature to buy in a round and players will not be able to buy them all (Black Hole still trying to balance this).
    There is also an example quest for the new reputation system: an orc holds a child captive, and its up to us what we do. We either decide to kill the orc, or we can save a nearby orc-cave that's under a siege and as a reward the orc releases the little girl.
    The Bossfight was about fighting Mother Namtaru with the demons. Namtaru summoned ghosts around her, and they healed her. The balance here was a bit off too, the testers felt that the battle was too easy.
    About the magic system: there will be 7 magic school: Prime, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Darkness, and Light. Each will have 3 different branch where the first one will be available for all hero, The second branch will be unlocked at level 20, and the third at lvl30. The max hero level (atm) is 30.

Ingame pics

Haven adventure map #1 Haven adventure map #2 Haven adventure map #3 Necropolis adventure map
Haven battle map #1 Haven battle map #2 Haven battle map #3 Necropolis battle map

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